Safety Marshal Roster

Safety Marshall Roster
Building Name Floor/Area Location
Anthropological Studies Center (Building 29) Thomas Whitley Building
Art Building Aimee Graham Building
Art Building Shannon Edwards Building
Building 49 Kerry Jo Bourns Building
Building 49 Cassandra Olivares Building
Carson Hall Billie Bartlett Johnson Building
Carson Hall Linnea Mullins Building
Darwin Hall Julie Barnes Building Marshall
Darwin Hall Lynn Stauffer Building Marshall
Darwin Hall Roger Mamer Basement East
Darwin Hall Phil Mooney Basement West
Darwin Hall Dena Peacock Floor 1 East
Darwin Hall Robbin Elliott Cortez Floor 1 West
Darwin Hall Cory Oates Floor 1 Middle
Darwin Hall Stephanie Thibault Floor 2
Darwin Hall Rosemary Galten Floor 2 (alternate)
Darwin Hall Ryan Brown Floor 3 East
Darwin Hall Sujan Bhattarai Floor 3 West
Darwin Hall Marissa McDonald Floor 3 (alternate)
Facilities Services Patty Couret Building/ Corp Yard
Facilities Services Carol Ingerman Building/ Corp Yard
International Hall Back Sandoval-Young Floor 1
International Hall Britnie Hopkins Floor 2
Ives Hall Tony Bish Building
Nichols Hall Ana Munoz Floor 2
Nichols Hall Kristi Hellman Floor 1
Nichols Hall Leigh McTaggart Floor 3
Physical Education / Field House Gloria Allen East Building
Physical Education / Field House David Rhoades South Building/Fieldhouse
Salazar Hall Nicole Hilger Floor 1, Seawolf Services
Salazar Hall Kelly Cambou Floor 1, Seawolf Services
Salazar Hall Johna Beem Floor 1, Cashier's Office
Salazar Hall Lucas Anderson Floor 1, Outreach
Salazar Hall Vicki Johnson Floor 1, Admissions and Records
Salazar Hall Alicia Hodenfield Floor 2, Administration and Finance
Salazar Hall Megan Christensen Floor 2, Administration and Finance
Salazar Hall Nikki Anderson Floor 2, Administration and Finance
Salazar Hall Evan Mackay Floor 2, Administration and Finance
Salazar Hall Kindra Kautz Floor 2, Conference and Events Services
Salazar Hall Sarah Gillespie Floor 2, Conference and Events Services
Salazar Hall Shahram Marivani Floor 2, Engineering
Salazar Hall Kate Lapp Floor 2, Engineering
Schulz Information Center / Library Priscilla Saldana Floor 1, Advising/Transfer Center and MAVRC
Schulz Information Center / Library Modesto Llanes Floor 2, Academic Technology
Schulz Information Center / Library John Lynch Floor 2, Faculty Center
Schulz Information Center / Library Maggie McCloud Floor 1, Disability Services for Students
Schulz Information Center / Library Julie Dinkins Floor 3, Library Administation
Stevenson Hall Karen Leitsch Building
Stevenson Hall Tracey Fleming Floor 1, Advancement
Stevenson Hall Jenny Baker-Dunn Floor 1, School of Education
Stevenson Hall Vanessa Poblano Floor 1, Academic Affairs
Stevenson Hall Emily Kyle Floor 2
Stevenson Hall Cara Stevensons Floor 3
Student Center Jenna Hennessy Building
Student Center Katherine Conter Floor 1
Student Center Angelina Sales Floor 1
Student Center Corey Chattey Floor 2
Student Center Erik Dickson Floor 2
Student Center Anna Reynolds-Smith Floor 3
Student Center Colleen Mahoney Floor 3
Wine Spectator Learning Center Emily Lusk Porter Building
Wine Spectator Learning Center Soo Haylett Building

Updated January 2020