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Campus Building Marshal Program

Emergency Marshals are employees who volunteer to assist students, faculty, and staff during emergencies and assist Facilities Services and Risk Management and Safety Services by reporting conditions in a building that could present a hazard during an emergency. Emergency marshals receive training at least once per year, including ( Trainings marked with an * are optional):

  • Emergency Marshal Training Overview
  • Building Orientation and Safety Walkthrough
  • Fire Extinguisher Training*
  • Active Shooter Response*
  • First Aid and CPR*

During an evacuation or shelter in place, emergency marshals assist building occupants by facilitating the evacaution or sheltering order. Marshals are familiar with the designated exits, safe lockdown locations, and assembly areas outside the building. While marshals serve in thier role to assist others, all students, faculty, and staff should familarize themselves with these types of locations before there is an emergency. If you have questions or need assistance in locating exits, lockdown spaces, or areas of assembly, please contact your marshal or the Office of Emergency Services by calling 707-664-3408 (x43408) or emailing

Identifying Marshals

Employees should identify who the emergency marshal is for the building or buildings they spend the most time in. Marshals can be contacted to provide guideance to employees or the marshal may direct the inquiry to the Office of Emergency Services.

Interested in Volunteering

If you are not currently an emergency marshal but are intested in volunteering, please contact Missy Brunetta at extension 43408 or by email at

Review Safety Marshall Position responsibilities