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Disaster Service Worker

California state law designates all employees of the State of California as disaster service workers. (California Government Code 3100-3109) During or following a major emergency or disaster, any employee of Sonoma State University may be called upon to work in their regularly assigned position or in a role they do not normally perform.

Because every emergency is different, the range of possible assignments during an emergency varies greatly. Examples of jobs that disaster service workers may be asked to do include, but are not limited to:

  • Check in other workers or volunteers
  • Assist with food service to workers and volunteers
  • Clerical or administrative work
  • Staff barricades
  • Assist the American Red Cross
  • Run messages between areas
  • Fill sandbags

Depending on an employee's background and skill-set, he or she could be assigned to assist in SSU's Emergency Operations Center or for a different department in support of their emergency response and recovery responsibilities.

Although employees are likely to be assigned to work in an area outside a normal work assignment, they will not be required to perform a task that they are not trained for or are physically unable to perform.Work schedules may change and employees may report to a different supervisor.

As employees have signed the state employee oath (provided when employment with the CSU begins), they will be paid their normal salary and are subject the same worker's compensation protections as during your normal service.

Specific departments may have unique call-back procedures for employees following a disaster. It is every employee's responsibility to be familiar with their department's emergency procedures. If a department does not have a call back procedure, employees may be notified of the need to return to work through the media, the emergency hotline (1-888-533-5388), email, text message or other means. Be sure you return to campus with the employee identification card.

Questions about employee status as a disaster service worker may be directed to Emergency Services at (707) 664-2470.