Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a facility for centralized direction and control of the emergency organization and the campus community. During a declared emergency, the EOC will be activated and staffed to the extent required.

An EOC provides a central location of authority and information, and allows for face-to-face coordination among personnel who must make emergency decisions. The following functions may be performed in the University EOC:

  • Managing and coordinating emergency operations
  • Receiving and disseminating emergency information
  • Developing emergency policies and procedures
  • Collecting intelligence from and disseminating information to the various EOC representatives, and, as appropriate, to County, City, special district and State agencies, military, and federal agencies.
  • Preparing intelligence/information summaries, situation reports, operational reports, and other reports as required.
  • Maintaining general and specific maps, information display boards, and other data pertaining to emergency operations.
  • Continuing analysis and evaluation of all data pertaining to emergency operations
  • Directing, controlling and coordinating, within established policy, the operational and logistical support of Op Area resources committed to the emergency.
  • Maintaining contact and coordination with other local government EOCs, the County Operational Area EOC and the Coastal Region REOC.
  • Providing emergency information and instructions to the public, making official releases to the news media and the scheduling of press conferences as necessary.

Organizational Structure

The EOC follows the organizational structure prescribed by the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS). Responsiblities are separated by functions and into four sections: Operations, Planning and Intelligence, Logistics, and Finance. Units are placed within those four sections to perform specified tasks.

EOC Membership

Employees from all divisions are appointed to positions within the EOC based upon thier skillset, subject matter expertise, interest, and availability. Members of the EOC are required to complete specialized training, meet with EOC members regularly, and perform duties prior to emergencies to increase the University's readiness.

In addition to EOC members, additional employees may volunteer to serve in the EOC as part of the Support Corps. The Support Corps perform duties in the EOC in support of the membership or serve in the call center supporting communications to the campus community.

For more information on the responsiblities of each of the roles, please refer to the Emergency Plan.

Any employee who is interested in serving on the EOC should contact Missy Brunetta.

Current Membership (effective May 2022)

Current EOC Membership
EOC Section EOC Position/Unit Primary Appointee Alternate Appointee Alternate Appointee
Executive Policy Group EOC Advisor Karen Moranski N/A N/A
Executive Policy Group EOC Advisor Mario Perez N/A N/A
Executive Policy Group EOC Advisor Michael Young  N/A N/A
Executive Policy Group EOC Advisor Monir Ahmed N/A N/A
Executive Policy Group EOC Advisor Jacob Yarrow N/A N/A
Executive Policy Group EOC Advisor Jerlena Griffin-Desta N/A N/A
Management Section Safety Officer Vacant N/A N/A
Management Section Disabled/Access and Functional Needs (D/AFN) Advocate Brent Boyer Vacant N/A
Management Section Crisis Communications Julia Gonzalez N/A N/A
Management Section EOC Director/Deputy Director Missy Brunetta Tyson Hill N/A
Operations Section Section Chief Caroline Neyman Megan Varnadore N/A
Operations Section Facilities Operations Nicole Hendry N/A N/A
Operations Section Residential Operations Stacey Murray Elizabeth Chelini Audra Verrier
Operations Section Campus Services Kindra Kautz Jenna Hennessy Kelley Kaslar
Operations Section Public Safety Nader Oweis N/A N/A
Planning and Intelligence Section Section Chief Mike Ogg Laura Lupei N/A
Planning and Intelligence Section Academic Resources Stacey Bosick Jennifer Lillig N/A
Planning and Intelligence Section Situational Analysis Kendall Newman Hayley Avery N/A
Planning and Intelligence Section Facility Assessment Christopher Dinno Rick Verrier N/A
Planning and Intelligence Section Advance Planning Elias Lopez Ian Hannah Nicole Annaloro
Logistics Section Section Chief Neil Markley Jessica Way N/A
Logistics Section Personnel and Support Megan Christensen Erin Rock Kimmy Lillo
Logistics Section Supply and Resource Joy Sun Carrie Schmidt Jennifer Kroh
Logistics Section Technology and Communications David Chun Evan Ferguson Cheryl Santa Cruz
Finance Section Section Chief David Crozier Amanda Visser Jenifer Barnett
Finance Section Compensation/Time Heather Cain Melanie Powers N/A
Finance Section Documentation Shanon Little Lizzie O'Brien N/A
Finance Section Human Resources/Labor Erin Taylor Trisha Ramos N/A
Finance Section Cost Natalie Sanchez Brian Orr Anna Reynolds-Smith